Procedure to book online ticket of bus from Kl to Genting by

The traveller from outside the Malaysia can book the bus from kl to genting by following ways.

  • In your search engine type the name of the website whose service you want to use like or you can just put the’ online ticket book’ in search and numerous links will appears in front of you.
  • After selecting the website , the homepage of a site will appear. The page will contains the different bars which one has to fill to get desired results and according to which advice about the ticket will be provided.
  • In the first bar the destination from where you want to start the journey of bus is asked to be filled. For example if your travelling from kl to genting then type kl in the bar.
  • The next bar asks you up to where you want to end the journey of your ride.

  • The date of the departure is asked to fill and which should be filled correctly and be cross checked after filling.
  • The date of the return is also demanded to be filled as some ferry destinations are far and it took more then one day to reach the destination, so that’s why date of arrival should be mentioned to get ferry ticket of route according to your schedule.
  • The number of traveller are also asked to fill out as each individual can only travel on one ticket. So to check the availability of tickets it is required to predetermine the number of passengers .
  • The route of the bus should be confirmed before. The person should check the rate of both one way and return tickets as some times one way tickets are more expensive then the return tickets. So compare the price before booking ticket.